Thursday, May 14

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Today's Preview
The Streak is back to the more usual fare on Thursday. Two more NHL series must come to an end, along with a couple NBA Game 6's. Along the way there's a new golf tourney, soccer, and plenty of baseball.

The PGA is back in Texas, and our early 9-hole matchup pits TPC fader Alex Cejka against Rich Beem.

More day baseball starts at 1 p.m. - this time in Philly, where the Dodgers might be breaking out of their post-Manny slump.

Our PGA full-round matchup showcases two home-staters: Texans Chad Campbell and Justin Leonard are on the first tee at 1:45 p.m.

The Celtics are back in Orlando at 7 p.m. in the first game of the ESPN doubleheader. The Streak sees the Magic as too big a favorite to list straight up, so we've listed a player proposition between new enemies Rajon Rondo and Rafer Alston. No, it's not which player will commit more dirty fouls (though perhaps it should be).

NHL Playoffs - Carolina Hurricanes at Boston Bruins
For the second straight night, our featured matchup is a do-or-die hockey playoff game. Can the Hurricanes match the Penguins and pull off a road upset in the decider?

We've put up another proposition for the late NBA playoff game. This one is a simple "score more" decision: Pau Gasol against Ron Artest.

Yesterday's Results
The Streak took no mercy yesterday, winning almost every matchup and leaving the Streakers with a weak 31 percent mark.