Friday, May 15

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Today's Preview
With the NHL and NBA having the day off, we had to get creative with our matchups for today.

We begin with Joe Ogilvie against Charley Hoffman in a nine hole matchup followed by Tim Clark versus John Mallinger for a full 18.

In the afternoon slot, we have soccer, rugby or a MLB player prop, take your pick. In the Super League, Leeds is the heavy favorite, so SM threw out a "total points" prop basing the line on previous meetings between the two clubs.

Baseball (and softball) dominate the board in the early evening. The Pirates, Blue Jays, Rangers and Cardinals are favored in the bigs while our softball matchup features a "total runs" matchup between San Diego State and defending champion, Arizona State. ASU is heavily favored, so we have a "total runs" prop on the board. Could it be a 2-1 game or a 12-0 game? We'll see.

While you're out enjoying your Friday night, don't forget to choose a late-night matchup from your mobile phone. Can Lester find the zone tonight or will Seattle knock him out of the game early? You make the call.

Friday Night Fights (Kevin Johnson vs Devin Vargas): How many TOTAL ROUNDS will be FOUGHT?
The odds are out, and they're shocking. Vegas expects this match to go the full distance but The StreakMaster disagrees. Kevin Johnson should take care of Devin Vargas early, but hey, I'm no Dan Rafael.

Streakers had another average day, finishing off with a 51.7 overall winning percentage. The Phillies and the Bruins did some damage to streaks, but those who picked Rich Beem earlier in the day jumped up a few spots.