Tuesday, May 19

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Today's Preview
A nice little Tuesday ahead of us. Tennis, baseball, hockey, basketball and the NBA draft lottery!

We start off on the tennis court, first with the Arag World Team Cup (TBD) followed by the division-one tennis finals for both the Men and Women.

MLB takes over from there with the Rangers, Red Sox, Astros, and Cubs all favored. We also have a "total goals" matchup between the Blackhawks and Red Wings in Game 2 of the Western Conference Finals.

In our night session we start with Game 1 of the Nuggets-Lakers series with a prop between Chauncey Billups' assists and the Lakers winning margin. Billups is predicted to have 7 assists while the Lakers are favored at -6.5.

NBA Draft Lottery: Who will win the #1 pick?
The Kings are favored to win the pick with a 25% chance, so we pair them with the Wizards to make the prop as close to 50-50 as possible. The StreakMaster thinks the Kings will win the luck of the ping-pong balls, do you?

Yesterday's Results
Streakers did what they could with limited matchups and finished with a 59.6 overall winning percentage. 18 is still the number to beat in order to get to Bristol.