Saturday, May 23

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Today's Preview
Lacrosse is back on the board, car racing returns, NBA and NHL playoffs are both straight up, plus the usual fare.

Vijay and Davis tee off extra-early because Irving, Texas is expecting precipitation before the day is done. We're hoping these two can finish 9-holes before any weather problems, but you may want to take a peek at the latest forecast before picking this one.

German soccer makes its first appearance in a while - always-popular Schalke 04 hosts the one-and-only TSG Hoffenheim. TSG-H gets the draw.

We double-dip lacrosse as we've put up both NCAA Division I semifinal matches. The matches are being held in Foxborough - first Syracuse takes on Duke, then top seed Virginia plays Cornell.

NBA Playoffs - Los Angeles Lakers at Denver Nuggets
With the series tied 1-1 after two games in LA, the Lakers look to regain the home-court advantage. Kobe, Melo, K-Mart, Gasol - do I really need to build this one up for you? Grab some chips and your favorite beverage, order a pizza, and watch this game. Tipoff is scheduled for about 8:30 p.m.; the broadcast is on ABC.

Just not a hoops guy or gal? Then you can finish off your night with some West Coast baseball instead. The Giants (Matt Cain scheduled to start) and Mariners (Jarrod Washburn) go back-to-back nights on the Streak.

Yesterday's Results
Streakers continued their roll, once again hitting around 68 percent as the Leaderboard reached new heights.