Sunday, May 24

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Today's Preview
A battle of the sexes in the Indy 500 highlights a typically active Sunday on the Streak.

We're doubling up on the soccer; AC Milan hosts AS Roma in the early match, then Manchester United visits Hull City right afterwards. Early Streakers are pounding the chalk, but it's always risky to give up the draw.

Indy 500 - Danica Patrick vs. Marco Andretti
It's a big name matchup as the most famous face in Indy Car racing takes on its most famous family. Indy has been kind to Danica, but Marco won't be giving this one away.

The Blackhawks hope to draw even with the Red Wings in Game Four of their conference finals series. They'll have the home ice advantage.

Sunday Night Baseball travels to the Metrodome, proving that there is indeed baseball outside of Los Angeles or the AL East. The Twins host the Brewers; Dave Bush and Scott Baker are the scheduled starting pitchers.

Yesterday's Results
The UVA Cavaliers put up a fight for a while, but in the end were no match for the Big Red of Cornell. That lacrosse loss ruined what would otherwise have been a third straight tremendous day for Streakers, who ended up winning around half of their selections.