Wednesday, May 27

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Today's Preview
More tennis, baseball and the UEFA Champions League final headline our day. Oh yeah, we have hockey and basketball too.

French Open leads the way with streak favorite Maria Sharapova against Nadia Petrova. Petrova is the favorite here but Sharapova is receiving all the love so far.

One of the StreakMaster's favorite events, the UEFA Champions League final is today. The odds are dead-even so take your favorite team here. It should be a great one, that's for sure.

Lots of afternoon baseball today, as well. Pick carefully so you can get as many picks in as you can.

The night starts with the NHL Playoffs with 6 or more goals getting the edge in the Blackhawks-Red Wings game. We also have the Red Sox and Yankees on the board, unfortunately not against each other.

For late-night action we have a "total pitches" prop for Jered Weaver of the Angels. Four of his last five starts have been over 100 but it is usually close when it comes to his pitch count. Look for it to be around the 95-105 area.

NBA Playoffs (Nuggets @ Lakers - Game 5): Who will have the higher total?
The Lakers are favored by six points tonight but it seems a little high even though they are at home. K-Mart usually hits around five or six jumpers a game so the outcome will definitely depend on how the Lakers play in this one.