Thursday, May 28

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Today's Preview
Holy Thursday! The StreakMaster broke a sweat making this action-packed board. 16 matchups with a possible five-win day, you can't ask for anything more.

In the morning you have three options: a nine-hole golf matchup, a French Open total games match featuring Streak favorite, Andy Roddick or you take a chance with our head-to-head Spelling Bee matchup. Both Chand and Shivashankar are the favorites going in, but so far Streakers are backing last year's runner-up.

Four afternoon matchups are next with two MLB straight-up matchups and another golf prop (this one is a full 18 holes) between Geoff Ogilvy and J.B. Holmes. We also have a softball matchup between Washington and Georgia. There are no odds for these matchups but judging from records, the Huskies are probably favored.

We have a crash-course in the evening hours. If you want to play it safe, stick to the baseball but for you dare-devils we have more softball, MLS and a total letters prop for the final word of the Spelling Bee. The odds have 9 letters or fewer as the favorite at -130.

NBA - Magic at Cavs: Which side will record a higher total?
LeBron is getting his points but there is no help around him so far this series. Accuscore predicts him to score another 40, while saying Howard and Lewis will score 19 and 18 respectively. This matchup clearly depends on LeBron and how he approaches this game.

Yesterday's Results
Streakers had a strong finish, ending with an 60.8 overall winning percentage. Manchester United's loss to Barcelona was the big hit off the day while Maria Sharapova pulled off an "upset" win for Streakers.