Saturday, May 30

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Saturday, in the Parks
A wide-open weekend. The women are slugging it out in OKC, Corey Pavin is apparently still playing golf, and the Magic better close this one out tonight or else...

CP1 tees off with Bo Van Pelt early in the morning. On the Streak his goal is to get as many birds as Bo Knows on the front nine - Corey hasn't had this much pressure since he won the Ryder Cup.

Georgia and Mizzou grace ESPN2 at noon in an elimination game at the WCWS. As the NBA playoff advertisements would proclaim, it's "win or go home" time. Of course, the Nuggets were already at home last night...

We try again in Dover - this time it's the Nationwide series. Joey Logano is pitted (haha) against Jason Leffler in a finish-better matchup.

The Cavs and the Magic are back in Orlando for Game Six. The Magic should be treating this like Game Seven, because their chances of winning the next one in Cleveland are the proverbial slim and none.

NHL Finals - Pittsburgh Penguins at Detroit Red Wings
hockey in Detroit
playing for the Stanley Cup
Penguins want revenge

Yesterday's Results
Streakers looked good until the Denver Nuggets didn't - the final record was just a touch over 50 percent.