Friday, July 3

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Today's Preview
A lucky thirteen matchups are scheduled for Friday...

We're back at Wimbledon in the morning for the men's semifinals. Both Murray and Federer are heavily favored - on the Streak, you just need to pick whether the matches end in straight sets or go longer.

Cricket, anyone? The West Indies take on India in an all-day affair. Watch out for the googly!

Anthony Kim torched Bethesda with a 62 yesterday. On Friday, we've put him against Jim Furyk in a front-nine contest. Or, if you prefer to Tiger-watch, you can predict whether Mr. Woods will shoot 67 or better for his full round.

NASCAR Nationwide Series at Daytona - Kyle Busch vs. Carl Edwards
These two bad boys rank first and second in points for the season, and you know they'll be driving hard at the most famous NASCAR track of them all. Kyle has opened his mouth pretty wide recently - can he back his words up?

In our late baseball matchup, we've matched up two teams that aren't playing against one another. Who will score more - the Dodger against the Padres, or the Orioles against the Angels?

Yesterday's Results
Streakers dominated to the tune of 70 percent.