Saturday, July 4

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Happy Independence Day
What's more fitting on July 4th than the Yankees and a Halladay? Plus two Americans in the Wimbledon women's finals, and enough of America's pastime to satisfy any red-blooded patriot. And did I mention NASCAR?

Serena and Venus face off in the morning tennis match. The way the Streak sees it, they're both winners, but only one will end up with the championship trophy.

For those of you who've been missing Euro hockey, there's some Allsvenskan on the board. Trelleborgs at Hammarby - the visitors only need the draw on the Streak.

We give a shout out to the old guys playing at Congressional - Rocco Mediate against Fred Couples, first nine holes only. Later on, we've rematched Anthony Kim and Jim Furyk, but they'll need to duke it out for a full eighteen.

Baseball, baseball, baseball. Nationals? Check. America's Team? Check. Yankees? Of course!

Major League Soccer - DC United at Columbus
OK, this game isn't taking place in our capital - but it is at Columbus, and we all know what he discovered!* The Crew is favored, so DC gets the draw.

*To preempt the pedants - no, CC wasn't first, and not even the first European, and he didn't actually land on what is now American soil.

Yesterday's Results
In a day filled with exciting close matchups (particularly the cricket), Streakers continued their hot, well, streak as they were just short of 60 percent for the day.