Tuesday, July 7

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Today's Preview
10 matchups in 4 windows for this Tuesday. We have some cycling, soccer and of course, Major League Baseball

We get started with the Tour De France for stage 4. It is a team-trial so we ask which team will win the stage? Astana has about a 50-50 chance to take cake but we'll see what happens.

For MLB props we have the Royals hits against Justin Verlander's strikeouts. Verlander is averaging more K's than hits given up therefore the Tigers pitcher gets the edge here. Also, with Albert Pujols is on the board it is no suprise he gets the public vote, no matter who he goes up against.

MLB: Who will have the larger victory margin?
Two possible playoff squads from the AL East battle it out at 7:00 eastern. The Rays and Sox are both -200 favorites, so expect two blowouts tonight. Although, the question remains--who will win by more?

Yesterday's Results Streakers had one of their best days ever, finishing with a 80.8 overall winning percentage. No such thing as a major streak breaker today. Congrats!