Thursday, July 9

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Today's Preview
Another 4-win day with 12 possible matchups. We have golf to start, soccer in the middle and some MLB at night.

We start with our normal "best front 9" matchup with Hoffman against Chopra then finish it off with a nice, tall glass of Kenny Perry.

In Europa Qualifying, Linfield needs a miracle to qualify but the odds are pretty even with the draw given to the home squad.

In the evening, the 27 or more option is drawing a lot of attention as is a big Red Sox winning margin. Don't forget about the Padres and Giants in the night-cap. Lincecum may get 10 strikeouts but will the Giants get 10 hits? The StreakMaster is thinking yes.

WNBA Sacamento @ Seattle: Which player will score more points
Nicole Powell averages two more points per game but Sue Bird is a household name and is at home. The Storm should win the game easily, which gives Bird the advantage.

Yesterday's Results
Streakers took care of business once again, finishing with a 61.4 overall winning percentage. The only big loss was the Dodgers who lost to the lowly Mets.