Thursday, July 16

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Today's Preview
Things pick up like they usually do on Thursdays. 13 matchups total with a possible 6-win day.

We start overseas, first in Scotland for the Open Championship. With Tiger win his three-some or can Lee Westwood squeak a win in. Then we head to France for some more Tour De France action. Martin and Wiggins have similar odds to have the better finish.

Is the NBA Summer League, The StreakMaster is playing oddsmaker. He lists the over/under at 160 between the Rockets and Lakers.

Baseball finally returns tonight! So far, Streakers are all over the Cubs on the road against the Nationals.

Beckham vs. Donovan off the field? How about Beckham vs. Donovan on the field! Who will record more points?

World Cup of Softball (USA vs. Netherlands): How many hits will the USA allow?
The U.S. usually dominates international competition but will they allow fewer than 4 hits? It seems like a very low number but anything can happen with the superb U.S. pitchers.

Yesterday's Results
Streakers had another solid day, finishing with a 58.6 overall winning percentage. Jodie Meeks was the top streak breaker but most streaks were saved with wins by KF Tirana and Argentina field hockey.