Tuesday, July 21

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Today's Preview
Tour de France, U19 soccer, WNBA, lots of baseball, and then the World Football Challenge to close the night.

Tuesday's cycling matchup is a country challenge - what will be the nationality of the stage-winning rider? So far, users have made France-Italy-Spain their big favorite.

The Indiana Fever take the WNBA's best record into Washington where they'll face a hungry Mystics squad.

Both Tampa Bay and the ChiSox need to start making a move if they want to play in October. The teams reconvene in Chicago as the Rays try to avenge last night's close defeat.

World Football Challenge - Inter Milan Win or Draw vs. Chelsea Win
Two of the globe's top soccer teams play in this new competition, held in various American cities. Tonight's showcase is in the Rose Bowl, and broadcast on ESPN2 starting at 11 p.m. The sportsbooks see Chelsea as a sizable favorite, so we're giving Inter the draw - for Streak purposes, a penalty kick shootout will be disregarded.

Yesterday's Results
Streakers rolled on with yet another huge day - this time, breaking the 80 percent barrier.