Monday, July 27

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Today's Preview
Most sports have an off-day, so the Streak relies on soccer and baseball for the Monday schedule. The soccer competition de jour is the Peace Cup; this afternoon's matchup is between Euro powerhouses Lyon and Porto.

Danish soccer goes back-to-back on the Streak when AGF Aarhus travels to Randers FC. The visitors get the draw.

The New York Yankees have been on a tear recently, but against some weaker competition. On Monday they face a tougher test as they go on the road to Tampa Bay - scheduled to start are A.J. Burnett and James Shields.

Monday Night Baseball - Los Angeles Dodgers at St. Louis Cardinals
The National League's best team visits the Gateway City for the first of a four-game series. The Dodgers hold a sizeable lead in the West but are concerned about the health of slugger Manny Ramirez. On the other side, the Cardinals recently relenquished first place to the Cubs and would like to get it back.

Two of baseball's best young pitchers (some would just say the two best) are matched against each other although they are playing in separate games. King Felix Hernandez takes on Tim Lincecum in a more-strikeouts matchup.

Yesterday's Results
The yo-yo went back down as Streakers were a dismal 37 percent for Sunday's matchups.