Friday, July 31

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Today's Preview
Another Friday, another big board with a variety of matchups. We have cricket, golf, soccer and even X-Games.

In Cricket, Bangladesh has the odds in the 3rd ODI against West Indies but Streakers disagree so far.

More Buick Open action including another Tiger Woods prop. Tiger had a rough first round but will regroup?

X-Games 15 makes its debut on the board tonight during the Best Trick Final. A front flip has only been landed twice, can it happen in this big of a competition?

Tons of MLB matchups in the evening with the Twins, Yankees, Brewers, Phillies and Athletics all favored.

Friday Night Fights: Who wins the fight?
Julio Diaz takes on Victor Manuel Cayo in the big fight of the night. Cayo is slightly favored but this fight can easily go the distance, relying on the judges.

Yesterday's Results
The StreakMaster got the best of his Streakers as they finished with a 31.5 overall winning percentage. The top streak breaker of the day was the Phoenix Mercury who fell to the Dream in Atlanta.