Tuesday, August 4

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Today's Preview
The StreakMaster did all he could with a dull Tuesday across the sporting world. Some soccer, WNBA and a lot of baseball.

We start overseas first, with a Europa qualifying match followed by Champions League qualifying. By the way, noth home squads have the advantage.

In WNBA matchups, the Sparks, the "under" and Cappie Pondexter are favored.

Out lone baseball prop is in the late-evening during the Braves-Padress game. Will there be a home-run in innings 4-6? Good luck with this one.

Tuesday Night Baseball - Tampa Bay Rays @ Boston Red Sox
Two outstanding pitchers take the hill at Fenway tonight. The Sox are slight favorites at home but we all know after last season that Garza can take Boston out of their game.

Yesterday's Results
Streakers had an average day, finishing with a 51.4 overall winning percentage. Jeff Gordon was the biggest breaker of the day. Watch out! The StreakMaster now has a streak of 7!