Friday, August 21

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Today's Preview
Little League baseball takes over our board today with some other interesting matchups strategically placed throughout the day.

If you're looking for odds on the LLWS games, you are not going to find any. The StreakMaster likes Staten Island, Chinese Taipei's over and Warner Robins.

For MLB games, the Yankees are favored against the Sox and the Twins, Rockies and Cardinals are also picked to win.

CFL Saskatchewan @ Montreal: How many total points will be scored?
In their week 3 meeting, Montreal beat Saskatchewan 43-13 on the road. If that is not a sign, I'm not sure what is. Look for Montreal to win east and win big, pushing the over.

Yesterday's Results
Streakers slipped badly, as letdowns by the Giants, the Mets, and Albert Pujols paved the way to a sub-30 percent record for Thursday.