Sunday, August 23

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Today's Preview
The Streak quiets down on a Sunday dominated by major league baseball.

Tim Lincecum hopes to rebound from his worst start of the season as the Giants play the third of a four-game series at Colorado. The Rockies took the wild card lead in winning last night's slugfest.

Sunday Night Baseball - New York Yankees at Boston Red Sox
Does this game really need a build-up? The traditional AL East powers go at it once again, with Boston needing the win more than the Bombers. Scheduled to start are aces Sabathia and Beckett.

Sunday ends in Houston where the Dynamo host the Seattle Sounders. Seattle has had a tough time winning away from home, so they're getting the draw in this one.

Yesterday's Results
After a couple consecutive losing days, Streakers bounced back above 60 percent behind the Los Angeles Dodgers and the Los Angeles Angels.