Wednesday, August 26

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Today's Preview
A ton of baseball with some soccer and tennis rounding out the board.

Once again, we get started in Southern CT with the Pilot Pen.

In the afternoon we have three quality matchups. You can go the prop route with the Indians/Royals matchup or head to the pitch for Wigan at Blackpool. With Blackpool at home, they have the edge by a slim margin. If you really want to push your luck, take the 3:35 game between the Tigers and Angels.

Also, on the pitch under the lights Chivas USA have the advantage on the road against Real Salt Lake.

MLB (Rangers @ Yankees): How many home-runs will be hit before the 6th?
Ever wonder how many home runs are hit per game in Yankee Stadium? Try 3.18! With 2 or more be hit before the sixth? You make the call.

Yesterday's Results
Streakers bounced back nicely with a 57.8 winning percentage. Taylor Dent was the top breaker of the day while Blackburn earned an easy win in the Carling Cup.