Thursday, August 27

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Today's Preview
You've asked for it and you now you have it...kind of. It's a mini-stunt for all you Streakers. Enjoy and good luck.

We start in Jersey City with some golf or you can go the soccer route with a ton of Europa League games. Either way, make some picks and build that streak in the a.m.

In the evening we head to the diamond. Can J.A. Happ pitch another gem? The StreakMaster thinks so. After that matchup, you might be able to get the Padres/Braves matchup in to get a quick streak of two. Don't forget about the three late-night matchups as well.

NFL Pre-Season: Miami Dolphins @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers
The Dolphins are getting their wins before the real deal and they should before they face a killer schedule this season. Expect them to be 3-0 while Tampa tries to figure out their QB situation.

Yesterday's Results
Streakers had another solid day, finishing with a 65.9 overall winning percentage. The Rays were the only big breakers of the day.