Friday, August 28

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Today's Preview
A breather after yesterday's packed schedule. Morning golf and soccer, baseball later, plus CFL, WNBA, and preseason NFL.

Unlike Jane, the Streak is not done with Sergio. We've matched him up against Padraig Harrington (playing in the following group) for the front nine holes. Despite his late season success, Garcia gets the tie as well.

One of the longest names in Eurosoccer hits our board. Borussia Monchengladbach hosts Mainz in a Bundesliga tussle - Mainz gets the draw.

The Tampa Bay Rays are starting to run out of time if they want to make this season's playoffs. A good place for them to start their stretch run would be Detroit, where they open a 4-game series on Friday night. Matt Garza is scheduled to start against Rick Porcello.

Major League Baseball (fewer earned runs) - Felix Hernandez vs. Tim Lincecum
This is a rematch of sorts. Last time around, the goal was more strikeouts, and Tim responded by whiffing 15 Pirates while The King was having one of his worst starts all year. Now Felix gets another chance, and the winner is the pitcher who allows fewer earned runs. Lincecum has been a bit off in his last few starts; Streak HQ is going with the Mariner.

Yesterday's Results
A slip-up for the Streakers, who were betrayed by some heavily favored sides and ended up below 40 percent.