Wednesday, September 16

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Today's Preview
Today looks a lot like yesterday on the board starting with EuroBasket and finishing with some baseball. It is a 4-win day, so check back frequently.

Only one matchup at Noon ET with the EuroBasket matchup between Poland and Spain. the over is getting all the love so far and that's probably what The StreakMaster will take as well.

As for the mid-afternoon time-slot, we have four options. Josh Johnson takes the hill for the Marlins when the visit St.Louis, Barcelona (-140) takes on Inter Milan and Slovenia takes on Turkey (-1).

In the evening, we have a first inning run prop between the Mets and Braves and the Angels at the Red Sox on ESPN. 0 runs and the Sox should be the picks here.

MLB: Colorado Rockies @ San Francisco Giants
The fight for the NL Wild-Card continues tonight in San Fran. The always solid Matt Cain is on the hill for the Giants at home which is why they are favored at a -135 line.

Yesterday's Results
Streakers took a digger, finishing with a 34.8 overall winning percentage. Greece was the big loser followed by the first-place Yankees.