Saturday, September 19

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Today's Preview
The Streak dabbles in a few other sports, but Saturday is basically all about college football.

In the battle of the Carolinas, North Carolina must win the game by more points than East Carolina scores in the second half. What do you think will happen?

The Utah Utes bring an undefeated record and a #18 ranking to Autzen Stadium where the Oregon Ducks await. Early Streakers feel Utah has the edge - Streak HQ likes the other side.

Two more top-20 teams meet in Blacksburg where the Hokies host the Huskers.

NCAA Football - Georgia Bulldogs at Arkansas Razorbacks
Georgia has the higher expectations (and ranking), but the Razorback offense looked sharp in their romp over Missouri State. Now Arkansas needs to prove its improvement is no mirage against an SEC defense, and in front of a national audience on ESPN.

Yesterday's Results
Despite Ichiro's late-game heroics, Streakers battered the board for a 70 percent mark on Friday.