Tuesday, September 22

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Today's Preview
Back to the same old same. Soccer, baseball and more baseball headline our day.

Two soccer matchups get us started with one being televised on ESPN360. Liverpool is a strong favorite at Leeds but will they win by 2 or more? The odds say no. Our next one is more of a coin flip, but not to Streakers as 98% are taking the road team, Blackburn.

Next up is Joe Blanton versus Josh Johnson in the first game of a day-night double header between the Phillies and Marlins. Johnson looks like the favorite on paper here but Blanton could pitch a gem.

Later on, the Marlins, Royals and Yankees are favored to win.

AAA Championship (Durham vs. Memphis): Who will win the title?
The champions of the PCL and IPL head to Oklahoma City to play for the one-game AAA championship. Anybody can take the cake tonight so tune in to watch a great game and the future stars of the MLB.

Yesterday's Results
Streakers bounced back nicely, finishing with a 69.5 winning percentage. AGF Aarhus was the top breaker while the Colts helped out plenty of Streaks.