Friday, September 25

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Streaking into Fall
There's a nice assortment of competitions on today's board including soccer, golf, CFL, MLB, WNBA, and college football.

Our Tiger proposition is for the last 9 holes today. On Thursday he cruised through the back side with a 32; he'll need 33 or better to make today's target.

MLB - Boston Red Sox at New York Yankees
Although the AL playoff teams are almost written in stone, it's always exciting when the Sox visit the Big Apple. Jon Lester and Joba Chamberlain are the scheduled starting pitchers.

Diana Taurasi hopes to lead the Mercury to the WNBA finals with a home win tonight against the Sparks. Once again, this could be the final game for Lisa "Smooth" Leslie - will her teammates rally to force a third game?

Yesterday's Results
Streakers were looking good until the Rebels failed them in South Carolina, dropping the final tally to under 50 percent.