Wednesday, September 30

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Today's Preview
Another month is about to end, can you claim the prize? We have five windows set up for today for somebody to make a run, think you have what it takes?

We start with a whole bunch of soccer, starting with the U-20 World Cup followed by some Champions League action. Costa Rica has the odds to score first, the under is favored to win the Champions League match and Honduras should beat the United Arab Emirates.

When the sun goes down we have Joba against Joba. He only has nine wins this year, can he make it 10 against the Royals?

Also, Louisiana Tech (-4) hosts Hawaii, and there are a few late-night MLB props.

Wednesday Night Baseball: Minnesota Twins @ Detroit Tigers
They split last night, therefore the advantage has to go to the Tigers. The games are dwindling down and tonight is now a "must-win" for Minnesota.

Yesterday's Results Streakers dipped below .500 once again thanks to the Cardinals loss. The StreakMaster thanks you Jay Bruce!