Thursday, October 8

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Thursday's Preview
A nice little Thursday ahead of us, although we get started a little later than usual. Golf, soccer, hockey and MLB playoffs are on the board, spread throughout the day.

In the soccer world, it's even odds with 1.5 goals at the half of the Qatar/Croatia International Friendly. Then, in Argentina, the win has the odds by a slim margin.

For NHL picks, the odds are in favor off the Flyers, Lightning, Oilers and the Kings.

A couple of props from the Rockies-Phillies game two. Will Hamels get the win? How many runs will be scored? The Red Sox-Angels and Cardinals-Dodgers are straight up.

NCAA Football: Nebraska @ Missouri
Missouri is at home and are underdogs by three at home in this Big 12 battle. Nebraska is a solid 3-1 and will be looking to play spoiler on the road tonight, and The StreakMaster is taking the Huskers tonight as well.

Yesterday's Results
Streakers came out victorious over The StreakMaster, hitting a 68.5 overall winning percentage. The Cardinals were the top streak breaker even though they were on the road.