Sunday, October 11

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Sunday Overview
There's soccer, golf, and even some playoff baseball - but as usual, an October Sunday is all about the NFL.

NFL: New England Patriots at Denver Broncos
The student tries to beat the master, but when you've got Kyle Orton instead of Tom Brady, it's a very tough proposition. At halftime, the Patriots have a comfortable 10-point lead.

With Saturday's weather postponement in Denver, there are two late MLB playoff games to play. Minnesota needs to bounce back from Friday's heartbreaker if they wish to play again in 2009, while Colorado hopes home-field advantage helps the overcome Phillies' star rookie J. A. Happ.

The 4-0 Colts and 0-4 Titans have opposite records as they head into Sunday's NFL night game. Streakers don't expect anything to change, as they are currently choosing Indy by a 97-3 margin.

Yesterday's Results
Streakers continued their losing ways with another sub-50 percent performance.