Tuesday, October 27

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Tuesday's Preview
We try to give you as many windows as possible on this slow Tuesday. The NBA season starts tonight, which is great news for the upcoming months.

Some great soccer matchups on our networks in the morning and afternoon. Switzerland and Brazil are favored to win their respective matches in the U-17 World Cup while the road team in the German Cup has the odds with the draw.

Maybe a Eastern Conference Final preview in the NBA with the Celtics visiting the Cavs. Can the LeBron/Shaq duo get off to a hot start or will the big three (or four) be too much to handle? We also have a first half total points matchup between the L.A. squads.

NCAA Football: East Carolina @ Memphis
ECU is favored by four on the road but they may be looking ahead towards next week when they host Virginia Tech. Can the Pirates avoid the trap? Make your pick!

Yesterday's Results
Streakers dipped below .500 once again, finishing with a 43.2 overall win percentage. The Eagles winning margin was the top streak breaker.