Monday, November 9

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Today's Preview
Cricket starts off the day with a dose of tennis action as well. New Zealand and John Isner have the Streakers on their side.

College basketball begin tonight as the defending champions take on Florida International at home. It's the Tar Heels winning margin against Ohio State's against Alcorn State.

In NBA action, the Suns (-2), Jazz (-5.5) and the Clippers believe it or not are favored.

MNF: Pittsburgh Steelers @ Denver Broncos
Two great teams step under the lights tonight on ESPN. The Steelers are two-point favorites on the road but Denver is always a tough place to play. Should be another MNF classic.

Yesterday's Result
Streakers fell hard, finishing with a 33.6 winning percentage. The Eagles were the top breaker of the day with Kobe Bryant and Manchester United close behind.