Sunday, December 6

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Today's Preview
It's the putative last day for Streak Seven qualification but the chosen ones are out of reach, largely due to the "Duke Massacre" a few days ago. There's still pride (and a monthly prize) to play for; we've loaded up the slate with all the usuals, including every NFL game in one form or another.

Fulham hosted Sutherland in the early EPL, and posted a 1-0 shutout to the dismay of most Streakers.

The Texans visit the Jags in what sportsbooks see as the most competitive of the morning games. Houston needs to win and now if they want to make the playoffs.

NFL - Dallas Cowboys at New York Giants
Two more teams that need to win face off in this traditional NFC East rivalry game. The Cowboys have a slim lead over the Eagles in the division race, while the Giants are probably hoping for a wild card slot at best.

The third-ranked Villanova Wildcats take their show on the road to Maryland in college hoops.

Yesterday's Results
Streakers scored a nice 57 percent on a difficult Saturday.