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They Seven Have Left Building at 7:58 PM ET
After a long day here at Streak Headquarters, the seven have left to relax and make some picks from their rooms. It looks like Kevin Connors is already thinking about sole possession of first place as he has made a pick already. It will be interesting to see what Adam Hill's strategy will be going forward as well. Nobody is out of the race, that's for sure. Too many time-slots and matchups to go. Villanova is the best pick with a 3.5 spread but LeBron James' points looks appetizing as well.

Almost The End Of The Road at 6:03 PM ET
The recliners are out and the lights are dim. It's been a long day for our Streak 7 but they are still very much into the pick-off life. It is 0-0 at halftime and has the makings to be a very exciting second half. We might even see some penalty kicks!

All Eyes On Virginia at 5:21 PM ET
Five out of seven take Virginia to take down Wake Forest in tonight's NCAA Semi-Final. The Cavaliers defeated the Demon Deacons twice this season but could the third time be a charm? The StreakMaster sure thinks so.

Kevin Connors Takes The Lead at 4:40 PM ET
"I can finally sit down" Kevin Connors said after he took the lead with a "under" win to earn a streak of two. Connor was seen throughout the "Streak Room" pacing back and forth after pouring in sugar packet after sugar packet into his coffee. It's still early but it must be a great feeling have the lead all alone.

Streakers On The Move at 3:44 PM ET
The Seven are currently on the set of SportsNation after a quick visit and photo-op at the SportsCenter studio. Little do they know, there has been zero goals scored so far in our second soccer match. Make sure you all look for them with Colin Cowherd and Michelle Beadle at 4:00 PM ET.

4 Goals Seems High Doesn't It? at 2:22 PM ET
Four out of the Seven picks have been selected. According to the odds, there is a 52% chance there will be four goals or more. NEC Nijimegen's last match had seven goals, count 'em -- 7! This may mean the pace will be fast with a lot of offense but no matter what the odds are, four goals is a lot for a 90 minute soccer game. Let's see what the Streakers choose.


SM, MQ and The TMR hold the million dollar check.

Some Talent Stops By at 1:26 PM ET
Matthew Berry and Molly Qerim stopped by to chat with the Streakers this morning. Luckily, they made time for the good ol' StreakMaster for a quick photo-op.

What A Comeback! at 12:55 PM ET
Six new leaders! With two goals in the second half, the Pohang Steelers pulled out a 2-1 match. Currently, the Streak 7 are eating lunch in the cafeteria after visiting The Herd with Colin Cowherd.

Halftime--TP Mazembe Leads 1-0 at 11:46 AM ET
A somewhat surprising first half as the underdog, TP Mazembe takes the early lead 1-0. Still a lot of time left but Adam Hill is already starting to get weary saying, "Hopefully a tornado will hit and we can call this a push." It should be a great second half.

The First Soccer Match Is Underway at 11:10 AM ET
Kelly Trevethan is the lone TP Mazembe fan of the day. All of her other opponents went with the Pohang Steelers, who are favored at 7/10 odds.

All Picks In, Except For One? at 10:27 AM ET
Six out of Seven picks are in. The one that's missing? Adam Hill, also known as andyaknow, our longtime leader who had a streak of 31. It will be interesting to see if he makes a pick or not.

Let It Begin!!! at 9:31 AM ET
We are underway here at Streak Headquarters! The Streak 7 has arrived and are filling out paperwork as we speak. It will be a great time for them and for you, the fan as well.

The Streakers will be attending a breakfast hosted by The Talented Mr. Roto Matthew Berry in just a few minutes before selecting their first pick.