The Streak 7 Pick-Off Live Blog (Day 2)

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The Streak 7 on the SportsCenter set.

That's Five In A Row! at 6:20 PM ET
Navy not only destroys Army's chances of a bowl game but they put Jason alone in first place! A streak of five is now the number to beat. With a little down time now, the seven have plenty of time to research some picks tonight. Mark Ingram is probably the best pick of the night, with -605 odds to win the Heisman. Wow, that's a big line for a tight race. The always shocking MMA fights are also tonight and it will be interesting to see how many of these matches are taken as well.

Navy Struggling at 4:17 PM ET
Army has the lead over Navy, 3-0 at the half, which means Jason is shaking in his boots. Kelly is still playing it safe with a later pick and Kevin is just observing, seeing what everybody else will do before he makes his next move.

Three-Way Tie at 2:24 PM ET
With a convincing Butler victory, our most animated Streaker, Kevin Connors has moved into a tie with Jason and Kelly for first place. Adam, Mike and Blake are all right on their backs with streaks of three. The "Streak Room" is getting quite packed with the ESPNews crew but the Streakers are keeping their heads in the game in their respective locations. The next best pick would have to be Navy's winning margin over Army's total points scored. Ricky Dobbs is going to extremely hard to stop, mark The StreakMaster's words!

ESPNews Segment at 12:59 PM ET
Some of the Streakers went to get some lunch at the cafe and should be back for our first ESPNews "live look in" with Molly Qerim. Make sure you tune in around 1:45 to see what they're up to.

It's 4 Against 1 at 12:32 PM ET
Kevin, Adam, Mike and Blake all went with the home favorite in Butler, while Pargev tries to get another streak started with the Buckeyes. Jason is playing it cool in the lead and staying away, while Kelly has a pick set for later today. Nothing crazy going on just yet, but it will definitely get more intense as the day goes on.

Day Two Locked And Loaded at 11:24 AM ET
The morale is high in the "Streak Room" as all seven are as close as ever to the million dollar grand prize. Some breakfast and some Ohio State/Butler is up next. The StreakMaster thinks Butler should take care of business at home against an Evan Turner-less Ohio State.

A Streak Of 4 Is The Number To Beat at 9:59 AM ET
After day one, Jason and Kelly are in the lead with four wins-a-piece. It's amazing to see, since Kelly lost her first three picks. Kevin is not far behind with a streak of three. For the match this morning, it looks our guys (and girl) are staying away except for Pargev, who is trying to make up some ground. All of the seven are on their way back to ESPN as we speak, and will be arriving any minute now.