Thursday, December 17

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The StreakMaster with the Streak 7 this past weekend.

Thursday's Preview
A four-window day for Streakers, with soccer or EuroLeague basketball to start, and hockey, basketball or even the NFL to end the night.

For our first Europa League game, the odds are with the under at 55% and in our later match, FC Twente Enschede has the slight edge on the road.

Our evening matchups include a prop around the Auburn-Florida State game. With FSU favored by 11, the double digit win is a very good possibility.

NFL: Indianapolis Colts @ Jacksonville Jaguars
The Colts look to stay perfect on the road at Jacksonville. All the healthy starters will play for the Colts but with the spread only at three, it looks like Vegas thinks this could be the game they could possibly drop. A perfect storm perhaps?

Yesterday's Results
Streakers did some damage to the board, finishing with a 65.4 overall win percentage. No major streak breaker but the Mavericks lead the way for the winners.