Tuesday, December 22

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Monday's Preview
A 12 to 12 day today with a possible five-win day.

In the South African Premiership, the under has the edge while the road team has the edge in the French Ligue.

On the court, we have a top-ten matchup with Texas heavily favored by eight points. Seems like a lot doesn't it? Also two top scorers, Jerome Randle and Xavier Henry square off when Cal takes on Kansas.

MAACO Bowl (Las Vegas): Oregon State vs. BYU
The 10-2 Cougars takes on the Beavers of Oregon State, who finished with a 8-4 record. Oregon State is favored by two but The StreakMaster likes BYU in this one, if that means anything.

Yesterday's Results
A decent day for Streakers, as they finished with a 52.1 win percentage. The Oklahoma Sooners were the top streak breaker, but the G-Men were the safe winners.