Friday, December 25

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And the winner is... 12:20am ET
Congratulations to our unofficial winner of the NBA Christmas Day Streak - Nathan De Guzman from Silverdale, WA. His silverdalesporty entry went a perfect 14-for-14, winning it on Carmelo Anthony's rainbow jumper from the top of the key for his 8-point of the 3rd quarter (with 4:20 remaining). Pending verification, Nathan (and a lucky friend) will be in Dallas the week of the NBA All-Star game with some nice spending money. Congrats to Nathan and thank you to everyone who played along throughout the day.

Leaders take opposite sides in final prop 12:08am ET
Regardless of the result, we're going to have one single perfect entry. IF Melo scores 7 or more points in the 3rd Q then silverdalesporty3 wins. IF Melo scores 6 points or fewer, then CDLsports is our winner. Good luck guys!

Two tied at 13-for-13 heading into final prop 11:53pm ET
After a full day of Xmas Streaking it all comes down to the final prop - Carmelo Anthony 3rd quarter O/U of "6 Points or Fewer" or "7 Points or More". There are a few scenarios that could work out here depending on which side is picked, and who wins. Good luck to our leaders and thank you to everyone who took place in the 2nd annual Xmas Day NBA Streak.

Three leaders all take Rip City, and win 10:41pm ET
Brandon Roy hit a 3-pointer then a 2 to put the Blazers up 10-6. All three leaders took the Blazers and are now tied with active 12s going into the last two props for the XMas Day Streak contest. A trip to the NBA All-Star game in Dallas and some sweet cash is on the line. Will J.R. Smith sink a 3-pointer in the 2nd Q? He hit 10 3s in his last game, but is very hot-and-cold. Good luck!

Three remain perfect 11-for-11 going into final game 10:03pm ET
Also five active 10s who are not out of it. This could come down to the last matchup. Lesson learned #2... NEVER play a blocks prop again. Good luck to those who are still alive! Only 3 matchups remain.

Then there were five 9:14pm ET
Only 5 entries remain a perfect 10-for-10 after the Baron-Nash prop (which ended up 3-2 in favor of Davis - though player props in the 2nd quarter are still bad). With only 4 more windows to pick from the remainder of the night, will anyone go 14-for-14? Good luck to all.

25 entries tied with perfect 9-for-9 going into Baron vs. Nash prop 8:42pm ET
20 picked Nash, 5 riding on Baron. One thing we learned today is not to offer these player vs. player props in the 2nd quarter. Ugly Ray Allen vs. Vince Carter 0-0 tie in points proved that. And now neither Baron nor Nash are playing. Another 0-0 tie (with win to Baron) is possible here.

CLE-LAL game rolls over into start of LAC-PHX 8:17pm ET
We pushed back the time as far as possible but when the LAC-PHX game tipped off LeBron was still on the court trying to pad his stats. As such the max number of windows from today is 14, not 15 as planned.

2nd Annual Christmas Day Streak
Here we go again! 15 windows on tap for today and from what we're guessing here at Streak HQ 10 or 11 in a row will win the prize. Let's see what happens.