Thursday, December 31

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December's "Most Wins" prize winner under review
December 2009 featured one of our most competitive months in Streak history. With the Streak7 and NBA Christmas Day stunt we had many windows in play and two entries hit the century mark with exactly 100 wins - "AANR Girl" and "iceman585858". With the first tiebreaker being winning % during the month, "AANR Girl" wins by posting just one fewer loss - "AANR Girl" = 100-45-3 (.690), "iceman585858" 100-46-3 (.685). However, during our routine check of winner's eligibility a red flag came up while reviewing the accounts and we're reviewing the situation further before announcing the winner. Whichever way it turns out it was a great month of Streaking and look forward to another run in January 2010.

New Year's Eve Preview
Streak 2009 ends on a relatively quiet day as Streak HQ gears up for Streak 2010! There's still a few bowl games to enjoy, as well as college hoops and an NBA matchup.

Air Force had a surprisingly easy time with Houston in the first bowl game of the day.

The Bulls and the Pistons were a big rivalry a decade ago. Now - well, not so much.

Texas Bowl: Navy Midshipmen vs. Missouri Tigers
A contrast of offenses in this game, as Navy's run-heavy attack will try to outscore Missouri's pass-happy approach.

The Tennessee Volunteers travel to Memphis in the final Streak matchup of 2009.

Yesterday's Results
Streakers stayed above break-even with a 55 percent record.