Sunday, January 17

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The Return of the Big Ball
That's right - bowling has returned to SFTC. The prestigious Earl Anthony Classic is down to only four players, and one of them will win the coveted title today in Dublin, California. One side of the bracket has the bigger names (Rash and Machuga), but Anthony LaCaze has been destroying the pins with these lane conditions, so Streak HQ is making the call for the LaCaze/Wolfe side of the matchup. Roll Happy!

A tripleshot of Eurosoccer should please fans of the beautiful game. Juve visits Chievo, Almeria hosts Tenerife, and Benfica travels to Maritimo as we surf through Italy and the Iberian peninsula.

Carlos Boozer vs. Carmelo Anthony
ESPN airs a rare Sunday NBA matchup tonight as Utah visits Denver. On the Streak, 'Los takes on 'Melo, but Boozer gets his boards along with his points, while Anthony gets only his scoring. Stats project about 30 for each side, but how will Deron's injury affect the play?

Recent Results
The weekend has not been kind to aspiring hundred-thousandaires, with the Streak dominating most of the popular matchups. A 34 percent mark on Friday followed by 44 percent on Saturday isn't likely to make anyone rich.