Sunday, February 28

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Keep On Streaking On
Although February's contest ends with the completion of tonight's Hornets-Mavs matchup, the Streak will be right back tomorrow morning. Monday's matchups will be entered shortly after 3 AM (and no Monday matchup will lock before noon).

Sunday's Preview
Lots of soccer in the morning, with Serie A, EPL, and La Liga all getting a turn to shine.

Phoenix Suns at San Antonio Spurs
Steve Nash and the gang venture to the Alamo where a crafty veteran Spurs team awaits. Who will play the role of Santa Anna, and who will be Travis?

The final event of the Winter Games might just be the most watched hockey game in North American history! The home Canadians hope to avenge their round-robin loss to the surprising USA squad in the gold medal rematch.

Yesterday's Results
When Saturday dawned the $100,000 was still in question, but snufolio's would-be challengers were all knocked off in a day of upsets. Pending verification of eligibility, snufolio has the longest February winning streak wrapped up.

The monthly most-wins competition is still up for grabs, as the day began with a handful of entries in contention.