Monday, October 31

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Rough October comes to an end with $50K decided by tiebreaker
The Stash had fallen in back-to-back months, but October put an end to that and was just plain unkind to streakers with 21 being the longest streak. Our winner, Tony W., reached 21 straight wins on October 27th when Virginia pulled out a victory over Miami (FL), making his pick of Any Other Result (Miami Wins by 15+ Points was the other option) the eventual winner. It was not over at that point though, even though he owned the tiebreaker with his win percentage. The month was basically decided when the closest streaker in the chase (100K, large bills please) saw the Carolina Panthers lose to the Minnesota Vikings on a missed 31-yard field goal attempt that would have forced overtime. Two streakers at 16 had a slim chance on Halloween, but both were perhaps spooked at the idea of winning the $50K (Little Halloween pun there) and missed out on the first two picks of the day, making it impossible to catch the leader.

Since the Stash was not reached in October, it will roll over to November. This means if W27 is reached in November, the winner will take home $150,000!

The Most Wins for the month of October was S. Klaas, who had 92 wins and won by having the best winning percentage, which earned him $2,500.