Wednesday, November 30th

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Stash Winner Cruises To Easy Victory

November was full of numerous opportunites to build a lengthy streak with the Breeders Cup and College Tip-Off Marathon. In the end, our winner, Mark M., put together a dominating month with a W28. Half of his picks came from college basketball, and he reached the pinnacle of his run when Duke defeated Kansas on November 23. There was little competition as the next closest streak was 24, which was accomplished by five individuals.

Since the Stash was won in November by rule there is no threshold to reach (aka W27) in December. This means that the entry with the longest streak in December wins $100,000. 'Tis the season to be picking!

The Most Wins for the month of November was B. Herzog, who had a record 124 wins, which earned him $2,500. The 124 wins outdistanced our runner-up, who finished with 119 victories.