Sunday, December 25th

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Christmas Day Stunt Decided On Missed 3-Pointers

The NBA was back on Christmas and so was an intense day in the life of many Streakers. With 21 matchups for five NBA games, the eyes needed to be glued to the TVs in order to not miss any picks. When the dust settled on the first 20 props, there were three still alive for the $5,000 prize (each had a W16). With the final prop asking for a 3-pointer to be made or not in the final 2 minutes of the 2nd quarter between the Clippers and Warriors, each of the three chose a different option. One took yes, one took no and unfortunately, the other did not submit a pick, eliminating himself from the competition. The tension rose when the 2 minute mark hit and began ticking toward zero. A couple of attempts were put up, but clanked easily off the rim. One final try in the last 30 seconds fell off and allowed K. Bredy (Alberta, Canada) to take home the winnings with a W17. Thank you to all Streakers who played, and join us in 2012 as Streak for the Cash returns for another year of triumphs and heartaches.