Saturday, December 31st

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2011 Goes Out In Style As Top-25 Upset Decides Victor

What a year in Streak For The Cash! We had a $450,000 Stash winner, and gave out numerous cash prizes. December '11 finished with a bang as Kenny N. from Rohnert Park, CA won the $100,000 prize when Indiana upset #2 Ohio State in basketball. His W25 finished in a tie with two others due to the upset, but the tiebreaker favored him because his entry had the better win percentage. Several users made a late run at the money, but all fell just short in the last few days of the year 2011.

On the "Most Wins" side, congrats to swamp1010 from Beloit, WI whose 111 total wins was good for the $2,500 prize.

Streak For The Cash will return for the year 2012 as we turn the calendar. Thank you to all for playing, and get ready for more wild finishes, fun stunt days and much more in 2012. Happy New Year!!