Tuesday, January 31

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Stash Winner Blows Out The Competition

Streak for the Cash saw history in the month of January with our first female monthly winner, and she did so by running away with the longest streak of the month. Thanks to a Swansea City draw against EPL powerhouse, Chelsea, Lindsay W. from West Palm Beach, FL reached our Streak Stash to finish with a W27, earning herself $100,000. She won by an astonishing five wins (two other users reached a W22), thanks in most part to a 9-1 mark in college basketball matchups.

As for the most wins category, BGSU Falcons took the cake with 102 wins, beating out oilyjudd who finished with 99. The win earned him $2,500! Good luck to everyone in February and don't forget to beat the Messenger!

Since the Streak Stash was won, the amount will reset for the month of February. That means that if someone can reach a W27 in February, they will walk away with a cool $100,000! Good luck to all!