Wednesday, February 29

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Beat The Messenger Random Drawing - February '12

Total wins by The Messenger = 90 (90-67-3 .573)
Number of entries with more wins = 103

And the random drawing winner is..... louky15 (Louisville, KY)

Random entry #2: johnschott55 (Olyphant, PA)
Random entry #3: Bpollard5408 (Plymouth, MA)

Kudos to everyone who finished with more wins than The Messenger in February and thanks to everyone who tried. Now that it's known The Messenger's strategy is picking every possible matchup, we expect more competition in March, which will include a Stunt Day on the first day of the NCAA Tournament (Thursday, March 15).

Tense 48 Hours Decides Streak Winner In February; Stash Survives

My how things heated up quickly on February 26th. With two entries threatening the Stash and trying to knock each other out for the guaranteed $50,000, it was Streak For The Cash that fought the hardest. Our eventual winner, M. Grant of Raleigh, NC took a gamble with a 1-game lead over terry entry by picking Louisville to win by double digits over Pittsburgh. The Cardinals couldn't distance themselves from the pesky Panthers and won by only 3 points, ending Grant Entry's run with a W25. However, at that exact moment, terry entry was riding the hopes of Rory McIlroy to win the Accenture Match Play Championship over Hunter Mahan. Mahan dusted McIlroy through the first nine holes and hung on to capture the title, ending terry entry's streak at W24. With both leaders going down, the door was wide open for several entrants to swoop in and steal the winnings, but one by one, they all faltered on February 27th and 28th to preserve Grant Entry as the winner. The Stash seemed almost determined to not let anyone near it after a mad dash down the stretch to snag it by six users.

Since the Streak Stash wasn't won, the amount will roll over to the month of March. That means that if someone can reach a W27 in March, they will walk away with a hefty $150,000! Good luck to all!

On the "Most Wins" side, the state of North Carolina completed the double as Frey, hailing from Charlotte, NC, clinched the $2,500 prize with 104 wins.

A final note for you Streakers in the "Beat The Messenger" group. Find out tonight who has won the first random drawing for $1,000 by finishing ahead of The Messenger.