Saturday, March 31

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Beat The Messenger Random Drawing - March '12

Total wins by The Messenger = 100 (100-97-1 .508)
Number of entries with more wins = 301

And the random drawing winner is.....masbillsfan1988 (Mont Alto, PA)

Random entry #2: JettDonald (Baltimore, MD)
Random entry #3: mr.knowitall24 (Oklahoma City, OK)

Great job to everyone who finished with more wins than The Messenger in March, and thanks to everyone who tried. Best of luck to everyone in April, which will include two Stunt Days. The first will be a Super Thursday Stunt (Thursday, April 5th) and the second will be NFL Draft day (Thursday, April 26th).

Pennsylvanians Sweep March Prizes

March was a rough month for long winning streaks, but it was competitive down to the last few days. Midway through the month, a pair of W21 streaks were stopped, and it seemed as though it was only a matter of time before another entry passed them up. However, a week and a half went by without a successor after another W21 came up short in the entrant's quest to pass the leader, and it looked as though mr_nikiping Entry would survive with a W21. That all came to a halt as T. Messineo of Turtle Creek, PA made a late run to nab the $50,000 prize when her terrimessineo Entry reached W22 after Stanford defeated Minnesota for the NIT championship. A few entries trailed our eventual winner (who finished with a W23) by 3 or 4 wins going into the last day of the month, but there was no real threat made by any of them to overtake her. As far as the race for the Stash went, Messineo needed to successully pick four straight on the final day of March to reach it. The chase ended before it really started when Maria Sharapova fell in the Sony Ericsson Open Final.

The "Most Wins" race came down to the very end, where El hombre from Philadelphia, PA outlasted rdog 11 Entry and won by one win, 124 to 123. Each entrant picked opposing teams in the Milwaukee Bucks vs. Memphis Grizzlies game (won by Memphis), and El hombre came out on top.

The state of Pennsylvania made a clean sweep of the contests in March, so other states have some lofty expectations to live up to now. Since the Streak Stash wasn't won, for the second consecutive month the amount will roll over. That means that if someone can reach a W27 in April, they will pocket $200,000! Good luck to all!