Friday, June 22

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Stash Falls After Unthinkable Run

It had been awhile (January '12) since the Streak Stash had been reached, but in the heat of June, it finally gave in. Pending verification, the $300,000 prize will be awarded at the month's end after miller Entry went on a run that Streak for the Cash has rarely seen. It took him only ten days to reach W27, including his final nine picks in a 72 hour span. Showing no fear, the current leader selected four matchups from four separate sports in his final ten picks, which included three prop bets. There were many moments where it looked as though his unbelievable run would come to an end, but he somehow found a way to pull them each out (i.e. The New York Red Bulls tying the Vancouver Whitecaps with a goal in the 86th minute). To top it all off, this is the first month our leader has played Streak for the Cash. Maybe he should've joined earlier?

The month is still not over with several others trying to chase down the leader and steal the Stash from him, but who says our leader will stop at 27 wins? Stay tuned to find out how it all shakes out!