Tuesday, July 31

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Beat The Messenger Random Drawing - July '12

Total wins by The Messenger = 95 (95-77 .552)
Number of entries with more wins = 169

And the random drawing winner is.....Ripper8614

Congrats Ripperton (J. Rippentrop from Sioux Falls, SD)! You will soon receive an email notification from our Marketing team with details on how to claim your Cash. Please ensure the email address we have on file is correct. You can check/update your email address at any time on the Account Information page. By rule, you have ten (10) days to reply to the email. If we are unable to contact you - or any eligibility issues are discovered - we will move to the next randomly selected entries in the following order:

Random entry #2: Patty 1435 (Minneapolis, MN)
Random entry #3: Titanair09 (Martinez, GA)

Texas Streak Legend finally Earns $50,000

Kathryn Reid has streaked her way into fantasy immortality by picking an impressive 24 matchups correctly in a row. In one of the most astounding feats in Streak history, Kathryn accumulated her third all-time streak of at least 22 wins in a row, instantly vaulting her into Streak legend status and bringing July to an epic conclusion. As our loyal users would agree, getting a streak of 22 wins in a row is a difficult enough task to accomplish once in a lifetime. But achieving that feat for a shocking third time is a heroic accomplishment, one that will be well rewarded with the $50,000 first prize. This marks a proud chapter in Kathryn's Streak history book that began on November 30, 2008 when she made her first ever pick. After two heartbreaking defeats with a W22 or above in September 2011 and then again two months later in November 2011, she has finally cemented her spot in the history books. She's done the state of Texas proud, taking the cash back home to her residence in the town of Allen. The monthly prize couldn't have gone to a more deserving or more accomplished Streak player, so from everyone at ESPN...Congratulations!

The "Most Wins" race was as close as humanly possible with two entries tied at 112 wins. The tiebreaker was decided by a single loss, with Josh Van from Ewa Beach, HI edging out his competition. The Hawaii native takes home the $2,500 prize and all the glory in stunning fashion.

Since the Stash was not reached in July, it will rollover to $100,000 in August. That means if anyone reaches W27, they will bank a cool $150,000 (Stash + Monthly)! Good luck in August and thanks for playing!