Wednesday, August 8

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Super Wednesday Stunt Full of Action from the London Games

From the start, Super Wednesday was a nail biting experience. After Brazil edged out Argentina in Men's Volleyball to win the first prop 5-4, streakers felt the pressure and knew the day would bring tension, excitement and edge of your seat action. Some of the more memorable props included Jose Calderon winning the "first letter of the last name" prop that saw multiple misses from players on both sides of the action, Lashinda Demus losing the 400m hurdles event by a fraction of a second and Kevin Love throwing down off a beautiful feed from LeBron James to the elation of the almost 60,000 people that were rooting for a bench player to score in the final 2 minutes of the half. William Karahalios of Indiana, PA navigated the gauntlet of props from the London Games and played it smart, streaking his way to a W17 and then abstaining from the multiple Wednesday Night Baseball props that eliminated his competition and secured him a spot in Streak for the Cash history.

For his efforts, Karahalios took home the $5,000 cash prize. Congratulations to him, as another successful stunt comes to a close.